Social Networking Websites

Last Monday, industry guest speaker Amanda Cagan came to speak with the Public Relations class. She is the owner and founder of ABC PR, an independent music PR agency. Ms. Cagan represents numerous bands and spoke to us about her experiences in the industry. I found what she had to say about artists’ attitudes toward the Internet particularly interesting.

As we all know, Facebook, Twitter and Myspace are just a few of the many social networking sites bands are using to connect with fans. Band members are establishing their presence online as a way to market themselves and build a fan base. These networking sites act as a business tool that should be utilized. As Ms. Cagan stated, the need to keep in touch with fans is the “nature of the beast.”  The majority of her clients are embracing these sites to do just that, however, there are a few that are intimidated by it. She said there is an apparent laziness to keep up all these websites – hence the need for technology savvy interns like us.


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