And in the end…

As our semester in Los Angeles is coming to a close, I am really starting to see what a great class us PR students had with Brad Lemack.  Every day was something totally different that still lead us back to the basics of publicity.  I feel that everyone in that class really appreciated that because during one of those days, something really struck a note with someone.  Whether it was celebrity, film, music or theater publicity, there was an area of interest for everyone.

Prior to arriving in Los Angeles, I was under the impression that I would be leaving here with a definite idea of what I wanted to do with my life and an absolute plan to relocate my life to Southern California.  Now that I am here, almost a month away from beginning my last year of college, I know neither of those things for sure.  However, I am not leaving here empty handed.  What Brad brought to our small class of Elon PR students was more of the idea that you should be happy with what you are doing and that it should be something you are passionate about.  We saw this every day in his nothing but cheerful attitude.  We truly saw it in the various speakers he brought in to talk to us who were all successful and passionate about their work in their own right.

From this class and this experience I will enter my final year at Elon with the mindset that I am finding my passion that will lead me to where I need to be after graduation.


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