Crunch Time For the PR Class

With only a few weeks left it seems the PR class is in crunch time mode. Over the weekend the films are being filmed and with limited time for each group it’ll be interesting to see the final products. However, from a PR standpoint we’re piecing together information for each production for the PR class’s final presentation.

In class we broke down each task and when they need to be done. With only two classes left needless to say we’re on a deadline. The productions have been written and casted and now it’s our time to capitalize on energy of the class to generate a great press kit. Between internships and shooting schedules it’ll be tough but our class has broken down the details of each production.

The entire project needs to be finished by our last class to ensure we have enough time to get things printed. Professor “Powerhouse” Lemack has made it clear what we need to get the job done because it’s going to be a sprint to the finish line. We’ve have worked hard all summer and with time winding down I’m excited to see the end result.


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