You’ll Love Yellow

Since I grew up as a dancer, I have always loved the theater. I try to see plays, musicals, and live music as often as possible. Before this summer, I considered New York City to be the home of theater and Los Angeles to be the home of film. Apparently, a lot of people have this misconception. While New York theater is great, there is actually more theater in Los Angeles than there is anywhere else in the country. Who knew? This was excellent news to me, and I have taken advantage of visiting the theater throughout the summer.

My favorite play I saw this summer was Yellow, written and directed by Del Shores. A few weeks ago, Joanna, Abby, Alex, and I went to see it at the Coast Playhouse, which seats less than 100 people. Yellow has a simple plot (with a few twists) about family life with complex and lovable characters. The four of us literally laughed, cried, and left the theater raving about the play. I loved the set. I loved the casting. I loved the emotion. Rather than give too much away, I’m going to suggest that you visit the website, buy a ticket, and go see it. You can thank me later.

To top it off, our guest speaker in class yesterday, David Elzer of Demand PR, worked on the publicity for Yellow. As soon as he mentioned his connections to the play, I started to gush about how much I loved it. Embarrassing? David produces his own shows and does marketing for other shows. His passion for the theater makes me want to see another show or two before we leave in two weeks.

Speaking of leaving, how has the summer gone so fast? Ahhh!


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