A Lighter Side of PR

I went through a brief phase this summer when I considered Public Relations to be evil. Not the class (please note: this class is life changing, if only the summer would never end! I’m a better person for having taken the course. Brad Lemack should be paid more, did you know that he’s a powerhouse in this industry?) But rather, I doubted the honesty of public relations as a concept. I started to doubt everyone I saw on the news (I think LA does this to people) and wondered whether anyone in Hollywood was genuine, or if they were just trying to market themselves to make the most amount of money possible.

It’s in my nature to trust people. I’m from a small town, if I assumed the worst in people, I’d run out of people to be friends with pretty quickly. Even when I had things stolen from me this winter, I was sure I must have done something to deserve it, so all in all, I didn’t like the way that PR was making me feel.

Now that we’ve done our case study on Rihanna though, I’m feeling a lot better about the whole PR process. In my opinion, when she had her one on one interview with Diane Sawyer, she was not just doing it so that her new record would have better sales, but rather she was presenting herself in the most positive light, and addressing the issues at hand. Instead of being a way to manipulate others into viewing a subject differently, it’s all really just about presenting yourself in a calculated way so that you, or your client, are represented as accurately as possible.


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