Music Industry and PR

The music industry is the only thing that I can think of that is struggling more so than the film industry. I don’t even think fans exist anymore. The last time I considered myself a fan of music was before Brit went into the bathroom barefoot and when there was this little show on MTV called TRL. I feel so old even typing that. The question is what happened to the music industry and is there a way to give it a PR lift?

The industry has been struggling since the quality of music has diminished and ever since Napster taught us that music should be free, especially if it isn’t good. Now I can tell you that there a dozens of ways to acquire free music. I can’t think of anyone who would go out and buy and entire album. That would be absurd to my generation. The one exception that I’ve seen is Eminem. His new album Recovery was the first in a long time to really get people’s attention. I don’t even think he had a lot of PR help, but I know his music is quality and it you can get the word out about a guy like him, you are golden.

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