PR Challenge

Today we did a PR workshop where we were given a recently controversial client…Charlie Sheen? Definitely a challenge. Whoever his publicist is has a tough road ahead of them to get this one back on track. I’m honestly not even sure that that’s possible-it would be a serious public relations miracle. BUT- because of the people like our PR professor, I do have hope. This is a perfect example of why PR is so necessary, people who get out of control but have such successful careers need to be tamed. You cant have role models and people on the most watched sitcoms going around beating their wives. It’s just not polite. Who knows, maybe you should be required to take lessons in PR before you become a famous actor so you know what a pain it is to have to deal with people like you and possibly learn to control yourself before you act. Just saying, The bottom line here is that people are not are not always going to be right in the head, and they are going to be reckless and do everything they can to ruin their career for no reason just because they don’t care or something, I’m not sure. SO, this means that publicists are literally the most important people in the world, because if we weren’t here to clean up your messes, you wouldn’t have a job. And that is just sad for everyone. So go ahead, beat your wife. Do drugs. Have 13 mistresses, It’s whatever, your publicist is here to save you.


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