Today in class we watched the Dianne Sawyer interview with Rhianna.  I really believe that Rihanna deserves all the fame she has.  The way she handled the abuse from her former boyfriend Chris Brown definitely proves that she is the right person to be in a position of so much power with younger girls.  They idolize and love her, and her situation caused many of them to admit to abusive relationships with their own boyfriends.  She chose to move on and not take that kind of treatment from someone she was in love with, and did it because she knew those girls were watching her.  She was making an example for them, and did the RIGHT thing as opposed to so many that are in similar positions as her that do the wrong thing.

Not only is she so talented, but she is so caring about her fans! She knows that what she does influences young girls and watches herself so that her influences are always positive.  She is such a strong woman, and it is so refreshing to see someone in that sort of position that actually, truly cares.


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