The LAst Rungs…

It is hard to believe that our summer in LA is coming to a close!  However, we still have a lot to look forward to and a lot of work to do these last couple of weeks.  While the production and acting students are working on filming, our PR class has it’s own agenda.

In all honesty, I think we all know that no matter how good a film is, it won’t go anywhere without the help of a great PR team!  That is why we are doing everything we can behind the scenes to make those producers and actors look great.  From press kits to posters, we are setting up what they need to get them out there and give them the publicity they need to not only have a successful film, but possibly successful careers in the business.

Our class is preparing everything they need to help the producers and actors impress the people they need to impress, and provide them with the right tools to have successful projects.  The PR class, otherwise known as the backbone of the whole program, is more than excited to present to you the Elon in LA final projects this coming week!

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