Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines.

That seems to be what everyone is hearing a lot of recently, especially the public relations class. As a class, we have been working diligently on a press kit for the six films; that is, writing biographies of each person involved, a synopsis of each film, coordinating a poster design, and taking production photographs and side notes. It has involved continuous communication with those producing and acting in the films to ensure the PR class is publicizing the correct information. Yesterday, we presented to everyone in the Elon in LA program to further explain the effort that went into the Climbing the Ladder press kit.

As an additional project, I have been working with Evann, Tyler and J McMerty to plan a formal production screening of the six films. The event is this Wednesday in the Mark Goodson Theater at the American Film Institute at 7pm. We’ve been coordinating with venues, caterers, and printing companies for the last couple weeks. Our goal is to showcase the incredible amount of hard work everyone has been put into the films, in addition to presenting it to our mentors, co-workers, and intern supervisors.

Below is a picture of Evann at Kinko’s with a sample of the press kit. I am fairly certain the employees know us by name by the amount of time we have spent there!


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