Mike Heil is Burning

Today I had the awesome opportunity to switch offices and go intern at the ESPN show “Jim Rome is Burning.” This REALLY excited me because me + sports + television makes for good times. So I get the directions to the office where my company films the show (it’s a different branch exclusively for this show) which turns out to be in Westminster, a good 50 minute drive without traffic, likely a 2 hour drive with it. And i have to be there at 8 am. Ouch.

So i sucked it up, got up at 5:30 am and was out the door by 6. But rather than get stuck in traffic, I blew through to arrive a full hour early! I mean, great that I wasn’t late, but what do you do to kill an hour in your car?

At 8, I went into the office for the standard meet/greet/tour and then started interning… which basically consisted of watching ESPN’s continous coverage of the Brett Favre saga until scripts and rundowns were printed. Then I stapled/distributed them, got Jim Rome his coffee, then set up for the show.

To be brief, “Rome” is the most effectively shot program I have ever seen taped. They shot the non-live interviews in one take each, set up in 5 minutes for the live A-block, then waited for the interviews to play before whipping through another live d-block. It was over in no more than 30 minutes. Totally on point. For as much crap as I give Jim Rome, he sure knows how to be professional. Actually, I had a lot more respect for him afterward. In the words of comedy impressionist Frank Caliendo, Rome was “Phe-nominal!”



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