Quite A BOugie SummEr

This summer has been an epic adventure in exploring the infinite possibilities that await me in my future.  While this isn’t a farewell to LA yet because I’m staying another two weeks for my internship, it’s definitely an evaluation on my time spent here. When I first heard of the program my freshman year, I instantly knew I wanted to be apart of it.  I never would have expected that once I was apart of the program I would be interning at Paramount Pictures.  I remember the almost brutal process of applying to different internships, and that I had no idea where I would end up interning.  3/4’s of the way through the process I got an offer for an internship that I took.  It wasn’t my first choice but I was satisfied with it.  In my heart  I knew I had to keep looking though, and when I started interviewing with different departments at Paramount  I knew that I had to make one of them work. I called my human resources contact there so frequently that we were on a first name basis.   It wasn’t until I was already in  LA and had started interning at the first internship that I accepted that I heard I had gotten into the internship program at Paramount.  Looking back at my experiences here I’m so appreciative of having the unique opportunity of being apart of two internship programs. I’m walking away with not only good memories but the experiences and know how to have a successful future.

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