This has been a long time coming…

I’m pretty sure this single event has yet to be addressed on the blog, and it needs to be.  The Flat Tire Incident of 2010.  It happened a couple weeks back, so I’m not sure why I am now just getting around to telling the world about it, but here is the story:

Once upon a time I was sitting in U, just lazying about, and Mike Heil wanders in along with the likes of Caroline and Jeff to check out equipment.  Out of boredom and curiosity, two things I am known for, I go with them on their shoot for Mike’s freestyle project, which you all should check out if you haven’t already.

So, we make our way up the long winding path to Griffith observatory, and shoot this beautiful sunset scene between Caroline and Jeff.  I am talking, beyond precious here. Did I mention before you should check out Mike’s freestyle video?

After filming, Mike who is behind the wheel attempts to navigate the absurdity of the road we are parked on, and decides that attempting a U-turn is our best bet to get out.  DRIVING FAIL.  Mike’s car rams into the curb, making a less than pleasant and highly uncomforting noise.  The lady standing on the curb throws us the most judgmental stare I have seen in a long while.  But alas, Mike reverses and we are off.

Later, driving back to Oakwood, Mike checks the emergency break.  Here is a written transcript of the exact conversation that occured

Me: “Mike, what are you doing?”

Mike: “Checking the e-brake, woman.  Know your place and speak when spoken too”

Me: “Why are you checking the emergency brake?”

Mike: “The car is driving funny…”

Me: “Uh, not to rain on any parade you are having, but I think you have a flat tire.”

We pull over into a sketchy Best Western parking lot to discover, that in fact, Mike did have a flat tire.  PANIC ENSUES.  Caroline and I are distressed considering we have no knowledge of what to do in this situation.

So we get to work changing the flat.  And by we, I mean mainly Mike with some assistance from Jeff.  I meanwhile take out a camera and begin a photo shoot to document the drama.  Here are some photo’s below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Feel free to check out the facebook album for a full photo narrative of the experience.



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