Dreaming Big: Nostalgic Retrospections of California-Euphoria

I can’t believe I’ve been living in Los Angeles for the past 8 weeks, with less than a week to go!  So bittersweet (much like the wheatgrass juice tonic I sipped on this past weekend while watching the US Open for Surfing at Huntington Beach.  Have I mentioned how unreal SoCal is and how much I love it?)  I was nervous and anxious before coming out here, and since then I’ve fallen in love with everything that Los Angeles is and has to offer.  It’s simply beautiful out here, and there’s this sensation you get from being here that anything is possible.

From what I’ve experienced, though, perhaps it’s only some of the younger individuals from back East that still carry this idyllic feeling of “dreaming big.”  Other, more experienced Los Angeles citizens say that the city can depress them, and understandably so (don’t most people tend to eventually get depressed after living in a big city for so long?) But, for me, at least for right now, when I drive down Hollywood Blvd on my way to and from my internship, passing by the Kodak Theater, the scattered “gourmet” doughnut houses, the occasional red carpet, the sunlight reflecting off the sunglasses of all the marveled tourists, the handprints of great visionaries imprinted in the sidewalk…I can’t help but feel like we’re in the middle of something that’s larger than life.  It’s a slight change of pace from the Elon bubble, or really any bubble that you come from…

So, for these last few days, I’m putting my hands up, playin’ my song, and letting the butterflies fly away.  Maybe even have a little head noddin’, like “Yeah”.  Yes, I did just quote Miley Cyrus.  And, yes, I’m still obsessed with that song.  But really, however naïve it may seem, I’m going try to bring everything I’ve got to match what this city has to offer for last final “hurrah.”  At least until we meet again, LA.


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