Elon in LA: Final Projects

It is now 12:30 in the morning and I have just finished making the final adjustments to Step Sisters, a short written by Caroline Drage.  These past couple of weeks have been absolutely incredible.  Very busy, but so rewarding.  In the production class we started off by each writing our own script, and then we had a pitch competition and six shorts were selected to produce.  Completing all of these projects has definitely been a lot of work and I am happy to say that everyone’s has turned out great.

This whole major project has really forced us to learn to communicate better and help each other out.  As I could see the directors getting stressed out over how much work there was to do, I volunteered to keep a running schedule of shooting times, equipment checkout, and an editing schedule.  My goal was to try and keep people stress free and hopefully fall not too far behind.  While all of us were still staying up into the wee hours of the morning editing, the schedule seemed to help keep us on track.

My favorite part about this project has been the massive amount of collaboration.  I have loved seeing all the work the Public Relations class has done to create an extensive press kit, and the posters for each short are all amazing.   Also, it has been great working with the actors and it was fun actually getting to organize and experience a real casting session.  But even within the production class, I feel like we were all there to help each other out.  I know when I had questions about anything someone was always there to help.

Overall, the last couple of weeks have been great and I am sad to see it all come to an end.  I have definitely made connections here that I will take back with me to Elon.  I look forward to the final screening of all the final projects tomorrow night at AFI.  But most importantly, I am very excited to get back to Elon and start making more movies.


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