Sprained Ankle, Please Inspire Me

This morning I made a decision with some of the other Elon in LA peeps.  We awoke at 5 am.  We congregated.  We hiked.  A ragtag group of youngish college students set off on a journey to the top.  To the tree of inspiration our feet took us.  Through thicket and thorn we persevered, our goal was the top.  The start was rough with no light to guide us.  I can honestly say that I had a hard time near the halfway point.  I wanted to take pictures, but there was not enough light.  I wanted to keep climbing, but I was real tired.  I got separated from the rest of the group.  They made it to the top, but they were nowhere in sight.  I kept going up and up until I finally made it.  I was welcomed by cheers, as a surge of endorphins reenergized my entire being.  The Tree of Inspiration was by my side.  We enjoyed the view and watched the sunrise to start one of our last days here in LA, then came the descent.  Most of us were fine, but at least three of us twisted an ankle.

So I see what went on with the hike.  No injuries until the very end.  Apparently inspiration comes at a cost.  My ankle hurts.

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