Vh1 DoSomething Awards

I’m so thankful I have friends that will invite me to cool events.

Megan got the opportunity through her internship with MTV to go to the VH1 DoSomething awards and had an extra ticket. I guess I couldn’t really say no. She got the tickets at a really random time, so we both threw on heels and a dress and sped out. Watching the show was awesome – there weren’t many people in the audience. I sat near Kathy Griffin and almost died because that’s my girl.

I had never really watched or heard of the DoSomething awards before but it was really amazing. Seeing hundreds of celebs was pretty sweet, but the reason everyone was gathered there was even sweeter. The VH1 DoSomething awards honor young people, celebrities, and other organizations that have done something outstanding for their communities. The show was hosted by Glee’s Jane Lynch and included various performances from different artists; such Lifehouse and Natasha Bedingfield.

Jessica Posner, who Megan got to talk to for a bit, ended up winning $100k out of the five final finalists. Jessica co-founded the “Shining Hope Community.” Shining Hope for Community was founded to combat gender inequity and poverty in Kibera. 66% of girls in Kibera (the largest slum in Africa) trade sex for food as early as age six and only 8% of women in Kibera ever attend school. Through Jessica’s community center, she has helped over 5,700 residents gain education and employment.

http://www.dosomething.org/programs/awards — Read more here about the other amazing finalists.

After the awards, Megan and I went to the “after party” where we befriended Jojo and Lifehouse. Good times.

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