Forgive me…

…for being so in love with celebs.

So, Glozell from youtube. Her twitter said that she was holding a meet and greet at Starbucks, so DUH I was going to meet her. I grabbed Julia after her run and she was not as thrilled as I. After some begging and manipulating and convincing, she finally agreed to tag along with me.

She was just chilling in Starbucks and I ran through the doors. “GLOZELL!” Hahaha.. I think she got excited too. We had a photo shoot with her and then sat down and chatted about her career as a youtube star. It was quite interesting. “I just make videos being myself, and if people think that’s entertaining – then okay! I’ll make videos for you. Easy enough.”

Then she left voice mails for most of our friends. And we kept taking pics. Serious ones, Charlie’s Angels, “Bad girls,” etc. She was hilarious.


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