Goodbye for now, LA.

I have this empty feeling in the pit of my stomach. Whenever I am reminded of the fact that this trip is almost over, I feel physically ill. It’s been an amazing two months and I will never forget the incredible people I met and the new and amazing experiences I’ve enjoyed . It’s also hard to think about the fact that I don’t know when I will return to this amazing, bustling city since career opportunities will dictate where I live. This week I have felt like it is crunch time to experience as new many things as possible, as well as do the things I loved one more time before I go. With that in mind, I’ve had a blast while doing the following:
DISNEYLAND. Hiking to the top of Inspiration Mountain two different times, once to watch the sunset and a second time to watch the sunrise. The Vintage shopping club/bar, Boogie Down. Bowling at Lucky Stripe.Getting Fro Yo at YogurtTree. The Ghetty. El Bar. The Chinese Theater. and of course, going to my favorite burger place, The Counter, with my favorite food coinsurer, John Keller.
And then there’s the big one…I did something last Saturday, that I never thought I would do. I got a TATTOO at the Zebra Tattoo in Hollywood (you may recognize it from the opening credits of Entourage where Jeremy Piven’s name is seen). Last week I started brainstorming on what kind of tattoo would be best for me. I thought maybe it should be related to acting or music since my world revolves around those two wonderful subjects, but I wasn’t really feeling drama masks or music notes. I love the ideas of peace, love and “all is one”, but the peace sign tattoo has become pretty cliche- no offense to anyone who has it – I still think it’s sweet. After “binging” a few ideas and images, it finally came to me! I got a shirt last year in Asheville that said “Coexist” with all these cool symbols for peace, human rights and religions. It’s pretty freaking sweet. I mean, let’s be honest, coexisting and excepting others is NEVER going to go out of style. It also made me think of how 35 individuals with a lot of similarities and differences could coexist together so well on a two month trip. I mean sure, all of us didn’t always agree on things, but at the end of the day, I know that I would bend over backwards for anyone on this trip and with no questions asked. Each person has brought something amazing to the table and I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet all of you! Journey on! I’ll see you all back on the East Coast, which in my opinion can be just as fine, fresh and fierce as the West Coast… for the most part.


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