The List – LA

Behold. A random list of awesome things.

Best cheap movie theatre- Highland 3 ($3 on tuesdays and thursdays all day–COME ON!)

Best American cuisine- The Counter

Best crazy dish – Live octopus in Thai Town

Best random celebrity spotting – Jeff Foxworthy at Sony

Best 24 hour food – Del Taco (the quality of the food isn’t great, but 5 tacos for $1.98??)

Best movie screening – Inception

Best frozen yogurt – Menchies (it’s the only place i’ve been to but it’s amazing)

Best student produced film of the summer – uhhhh………ROBOCLAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best FML instance – Blowing out a tire pulling a u-turn on Pico Blvd. while on my lunch break

Best WTF?? instance – Seeing the words “GOD EXISTS” written in the sky by commercial sky writers…that was almost creepy…

Best work experience – Getting to go to the LAFF to see the premeire of Despicable Me

Best moment – Watching our films on the big screen last night. Wow.


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