Inspiration Transformation!

I thought I’d share a few of what seems like an infinity of inspirational quotes, quips, and “words of wisdom” that I’ve gathered from others (bosses interviewed, managers, casting directors, some seasoned Hollywood thespians, etc.) since we’ve been out in LA.  All were originally intended to be some helpful information on the in’s and out’s of the entertainment industry, but most can be directed towards life as well.

  • Say “Yes” to different opportunities
  • Put your pride away
  • Be persistant: you should be stupid enough to stick with it after you should quit
  • Don’t become a servant to your paycheck
  • People will remember the job you do and the work you put in. Don’t burn any bridges.
  • Memorize, remember, and record everything you do and everyone you meet (and when)!
  • “Film makes you famous, TV makes you rich, Theatre makes you good”
  • “All good things come to those who hustle while they wait”
  • To get anywhere in this town, you need to do two things: smile and work your butt off.  They’re both very underrated.
  • When you don’t have anything to do, create. Create your own opportunities.
  • Just DO it (Nike had it right)

The recurring piece of advice that I received was to always plow through the lowest of lows.  You have to really want what you’re going after.  Do the work, and work hard – hard – and, even through the worst of times, never, ever give up.

I think one very bright individual put it best:

“To infinity, and beyond!” – Buzz Lightyear

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