Introducing The Elon in LA Class of 2011

My name is Will Anderson and I’m a rising Junior majoring in Media Arts & Entertainment with a concentration in Cinema. I’m from Chapel Hill, NC, which by default makes me a huge Tarheel fan. Ever since middle school, I’ve had a dream of making it into the film industry. The Elon in LA program is actually  what convinced me to apply to Elon.  I couldn’t be more excited to live and absorb the LA environment. At Elon, I am a Communications Fellow, an active member of the Communications Learning Community, Communications Student Advisory Board, and I directed for Elon Tonight and B Organized.  My Elon claim to  fame is making the “Ode to Smith Jackson” music video with my friends.  I look forward to spending the summer in LA and hope to improve as a filmmaker because of this experience.

My name is Rachel Bakerman. I am a junior at Elon University. My major is strategic communications and a minor in business. I have lived in Canton, MA until I left for college. I attended Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT before transferring to Elon in 2009. I have also studying abroad in Florence, Italy for 5 amazing months. I am very excited for the opportunity to live in LA for the summer. I am even more excited about the internship experience and really exploring the entertainment industry in hopes of finding a career that I could pursue.

My name is Michael Balderston. I am a junior cinema major from Clifton, Virginia, just outside of DC. After I graduate I want to move to LA and begin a career in film, ideally writing and directing, and I feel like this is going to be a great experience for me to get a sense of what LA is like and start to learn about the professional atmosphere. I love going to movies, seeing theatre, watching sports, and want to do more reading if I can find the time. One really cool thing I found out recently was that I actually had a relative who worked in the film industry back in the 30s through the 50s and he actually co-wrote Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Bride of Frankenstein, and some others and was nominated for two Academy Awards. I’m really looking forward to this summer and I’m sure it’s going to be a great time.

My name is Brittany Barbieri and I am a rising junior at Elon University. I was born and raised in Cary, North Carolina and discovered a passion for film while shooting shorts with my younger brother during our summers off school. At Elon I am a Cinema major and Creative Writing minor and am interested in writing, directing and producing for television and film. I am an Assistant Producer for ESTV’s “Win Stuff”, a DJ on WSOE, and a contributing writer for HerCampus Elon, an online magazine for college women. I plan to move to Los Angeles after graduation and work in the entertainment industry.

My name is Kyle Cassaday and I am a sophomore at Elon University. I am a business management major and a theatre minor. I have always had a passion for acting and my goal is to learn all I can about acting for film while gaining a comprehensive understanding of the business side of the entertainment industry. The truth is that I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life or what my career path will be. I am hoping that being in LA will help me realize what I want to do.

My name is Elijah J. Clark. I am a double major at Elon University in Cinema as well as Marketing. My ultimate goal is to tell narrative stories through feature length films. I added Marketing as second major because I feel it strongly compliments cinema in many aspects. I grew up in Graham, North Carolina. I graduate in Spring 2013.

My name is Kierstin Coatney. I am a 21 years old and I grew up in Western New York. I am currently a rising senior at Elon University majoring in strategic communications, and minoring in music and Italian studies. I am hard-working, friendly, easily entertained, passionate, adventurous and determined. I am excited to intern this summer, and to experience everything Los Angeles has to offer.

My name is Stephanie Costas and I am from Danvers, MA. I am a rising senior majoring in Media Arts and Entertainment and minoring in Media Authoring. I have never been to the West Coast and I am so excited to spend the summer in LA. At home, I work at Radio 92.9 WBOS with the promotions team and have recently interned with E! Entertainment in their London office. I love being with my friends, music, and Boston sports.

My name is Victoria Cuza. If you would have asked me 10 years ago what I wanted to be when I grow up, I would have said I wanted to be a Spice Girl or a ballerina. My name is Victoria Cuza, a 21-year-old rising senior at Elon University majoring in Strategic Communications and International Studies minor. I was born and raised in Panama City, Panama (yes, where the Canal is), but after much travelling, I consider the whole world as my native land. A self-proclaimed narcoleptic, a Little Monster, a wannabe novelist, and a Crackberry addict, I will spend my summer in Los Angeles interning and possibly creating a name of my own. Right now, I’m trying to figure out who I am and where I want to be 10 years from now. But if everything else fails, I can always end up working as a make up artist or a Disney tour guide.

I’m Liv Dubendorf, a rising senior from Philadelphia. I’m majoring in Media Arts and Entertainment with a Cinema concentration and minoring in History. I’m involved in the Elondocs Production Program and a producer for The Elon Phoenix Weekly, a sports magazine show. After college, I hopes to pursue a career in documentary. This summer, I’m looking forward to immersing myself in the Los Angeles experience. I hope to have new, unique experiences and learn a lot about myself.

My name is Kathryn Egan. I am a junior at Elon University. My hometown is York Harbor, Maine. My birthday is January 19, 1990. I am a strategic communications major at Elon with a minor in psychology. I am mainly interested in public relations and how to learn more about it in Los Angeles this summer. I hope to have a career in public relations. I went to a private high school in Berwick, Maine called Berwick Academy. Elon was my first choice of colleges and have been very happy with how it has helped me develop my interest in communications.

Hey guys! My name is Alex Encarnacion. I’m a sophomore here at Elon University where I am majoring in Strategic Communications. Having the opportunity to be a part of the Elon in Los Angeles program is an experience that I am extremely excited about. I am from Knoxville, TN and have lived there most of my life. In high school I was a member of both the football and lacrosse teams. When visiting home, I am greeted by my mother and father, as well as Juan, my 4-year-old adopted brother. While I love my hometown, I am always open for an adventure and love exploring new places.

Hello!  My name is Claire Gambrell.  I am from Atlanta, GA.  I am a sophomore cinema major and creative writing minor here at Elon and I plan to go into screenwriting after college.  I’m currently looking for developmental internships for out in LA this summer. I enjoy watching movies and hanging out with my friends when I’m not participating in one of the many activities that I’m involved with on campus.  I’m involved in Alpha Chi Omega, Intervarsity, Win Stuff, and Elon Tonight.

I, Greg Gentile,  am a rising junior seeking a degree in Media Arts and Entertainment at Elon University.  I currently live in Winston-Salem, NC, and I am heavily involved in Elon Student Television by acting as an executive producer of sketch comedy show Elon Tonight as well as holding positions on B Organized and Elon Phoenix Weekly.  I hope to someday to earn a career directing feature films, but I also enjoy producing music videos, creating both stop-motion and digital animations, and composing electronic music.  Although I’m told that I can appear rather serious at times, I like to break the occasional dullness of daily life with an arsenal of puns and verbal humor.

My name is David Gwynn. Im a rising junior at Elon University majoring in Media Arts and Entertainment with a focus in Cinema and a minor in Psychology. I grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina and became enamored with film when in high school when I made comedic videos with my friends. I came to Elon to pursue a career in film and think that there is no better way to pursue this goal than at a summer program in the movie epicenter of the world. I love working with other people on videos and cant wait to see what this summer holds in store.

My name is Christopher John Hodum. I am a Junior at Elon University. I grew up in Port Jefferson, New York. I graduated in 2008 from Port Jefferson High School. I am a communications major with emphasis in cinema. I will be participating in the Elon in LA program. I have not yet found an internship for the summer, but I am confident that I will find one soon. I speak Spanish fluently. I am half Spanish and half Irish. I have traveled to Spain many times, but have not yet been to Ireland.

I’m Kelsey Hooven.  I am a communication science major at Elon University.  I grew up in West Chester, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. On campus, I am involved in Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, an organization dedicated to helping the community by mentoring low SES children, doing activities with the elderly, and organizing fundraisers on campus. In my spare time, I work for the America Reads program where I am able to help Kindergarteners work on their reading and math skills.   My dream job in Los Angeles would be to work for People Magazine.

My name is Rachel Jones and I am a sophomore Vocal Performance major with work toward minors in Theatre and Dance.  I have always made an effort to take advantages provided to me in the fine arts and I am excited to work with a different side of the entertainment industry.  I am originally from South Florida, in the West Palm Beach area, and have been privileged to be a part of the TV show “Burn Notice”.  I am looking forward to working with the internship program in Los Angeles, California.   The experiences I will be a part of will stay with me for the rest of my life.

My name is Chris Liotta.  I am currently a junior student at Elon University majoring in Media Arts and Entertainment with a concentration on Cinema and a minor in Psychology.  I am taking part in the Elon in LA program during the summer of 2011.  I have taken part in many independent student films and have found that the part of film making I would like to follow outside of college is editing.  I enjoy both sound and video editing so pursuing either field would be of interest to me.  My favorite movie of all time too is Raging Bull.

My name is Ally Lord and I am a sophomore strategic communications major from Winchester, Massachusetts. I someday hope to pursue a career in the public relations field, most likely in the entertainment industry. I am an active and energetic person and like to keep myself busy by being involved in a lot of organizations. I spent this past winter term in Greece and will be in England for this coming fall semester. In my free time I enjoy running, reading and avidly following all the Boston sports teams.

Hi, I’m Jayme Mantos. I was born in Norfolk, Virginia, to two movie-fanatic parents, with whom I grew up watching everything from The Sound of Music to Terminator. I had a small part in a school play in Kindergarten and fell in love with acting from that moment on. Since then, I’ve been acting in both educational theatre to professional film productions, and am currently earning a degree in both Narrative Cinema and Theatre Studies. I am incredibly passionate about both filmmaking and acting for the camera, and plan to pursue a career in those areas after graduation.

Katie Moulton is a sophomore at Elon University from Moorestown, NJ. She is Media Arts and Entertainment-Broadcast major with a minor in Marketing. She is the Video Producer of “Phoenix14 News” and had an internship at WNBC in New York in January 2011. In her spare time, Katie is a member of Epsilon Sigma Alpha, Elon’s service sorority, and a member of the women’s rugby team. She hopes to work in entertainment television one day.

My name is Scott Richardson. I am a sophomore at Elon University majoring in Media Arts and Entertainment. At Elon I am the executive producer, co-head writer and head editor of a student sketch comedy show called Elon Tonight. My dream job would be to work in Los Angeles as a staff writer on a television show, although I enjoy production and post-production work as well. I also have a passion for audio work, and have a growing interest in sound design. I am a die-hard Joss Whedon fan, and I credit my passion for pursuing a job in the entertainment industry as being a result of being exposed to Whedon’s work in high school.

My name is Taylor Shain. I grew up in the beautiful city of Greensboro, NC. This environment nurtured a love of nature and creativity.  Today, I am passionate about anything creative, but I love writing, filming, editing, or even arts and crafts.  It is my career goal to become a screenwriter.  I love basketball, and strongly value health and exercise.  If I live a life filled with fun, creativity and exercise, I will be happy.

My name is Celeste Smith and I’m a junior from Plano, TX. I am double majoring in Broadcast Media and Cinema with a minor in History. This summer I’ll be majoring with Original Productions in Los Angeles and working for the television show Ax Men. I work freelance in photography and will definitely work to hone this skill in addition to everything else while I’m in LA. As I’ve never been out to California, I’m looking forward to experiencing life in the big city for the first time and all of the opportunities LA is going to afford for me. I can’t wait to see what this summer holds in store for us.

My name is Michael Soucy and I am from St. Louis, Missouri. I am a sophomore Media Arts and Entertainment Major with a minor in business administration at Elon University.  At Elon I work as an Assistant Studio Engineer at Elon Television, a video production assistant in the Elon Athletic department, and a teachers assistant for television production in the School of Communication.  I am also involved in Elon Tonight a sketch comedy show as well as a member of head staff for Elon’s New Student Orientation Program.  I am interested in both production and post-production leaning more towards the post-production side.

My name is Hadley Stecker and I am a sophomore Strategic Communications major. I am from Beverly Farms, Massachusetts. While at home, I live with my mother (Candy) and my father (Ray). I have an older sister named Kelly who lives in Australia. I am interested in Public Relations and hope to one day have a career in the field. This summer, I will be interning with Rogers and Cowan. I hope that living and interning in LA will provide me with a more accurate idea of exactly what the PR world is like and how to succeed in it. After returning from Los Angeles, I will be spending the fall semester in London.

My name is Brian Stoddard and I am a junior at Elon University and a media arts and entertainment major with a minor in art and business administration. I grew up in Princeton, New Jersey. I am a radio host for WSOE and a production assistant on Newsbreakers. I am a member of the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity and the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity where I have held leadership positions in each. I volunteer for the Boy Scouts in a program called soccer and scouting where I coach and mentor a group of boys on a weekly basis.

My name is Cassidy Stone and I am from Bedford, New Hampshire, where I have lived since I was born. I prefer warm weather over the snowy winters of New Hampshire, so I decided to travel to a southern school for college.  I am currently a junior at Elon University where I am majoring in Media Arts and Entertainment and minoring in Theatre Studies. I also have the opportunity of co-hosting WinStuff!, a student run game show at Elon. I love the entertainment industry and plan on pursuing a career in this field after I graduate in May of 2012.

Hello, my name is Grace Sweeney, and I watch too much television.  There’s so much out there now that it’s really easy to watch shows twenty-four seven.  So it’s a good thing I’m a broadcast major.  It’s a very good thing that I will be interning at Bunim Murray Productions for the summer in Los Angeles.  Living in Chicago for most of my life, I am excited to live in another city.  I’ve already created notes on my blackberry of places I must visit.  I am counting down the days until I can spend the summer before my senior year in LA!

My name is Cameron Thomas and I was born along with a twin brother 21 years ago in Melbourne Australia. At the age of five I moved to Hong Kong and studied at an international school. At 12 I moved back to Melbourne to finish high school. I focused my studies on creative writing and music, playing in a couple of bands touring around the local music scene. I had an eight-month break between graduating high school and coming to Elon where I worked as a Chef and backpacked Europe. I’m majoring in communications while aspiring to get involved with public relations in the music industry.

My name is Jenna Troester.  I’m a Junior Media Arts & Entertainment Major with a concentration in Broadcast & New Media here at Elon.  My goal is to become a producer for an entertainment television show.  I’ve had experience with Elon Student Television and an internship in London, which will help turn my dreams into reality.  Having already been abroad for a semester, I realized how much I love to travel.  Spending the summer in Los Angeles will further fulfill my love for both my career and travel.  I’m excited to venture to the west coast for the first time!

My Name is Ashton Vincenty.  I am a junior Strategic Communications major from Jacksonville Florida and I am eager to peruse my career by learning in a professional setting. I sing with  Sweet Signatures, Elon’s all female Acappella group, work at Live Oak Communications, Elon’s student run communications agency and also at Elon Admissions. This summer I am excited to be interning at ID-PR, a prominent Entertainment Public Relations firm that works to define and shape the public image of many of the worlds leading actors, directors, writers, musicians, athletes, films, corporations and brands.

My name is Deirdre Walsh, and I am a current sophomore at Elon University from Chicago, IL majoring in Strategic Communications. Upon graduation, I aspire to work in the field of Public Relations, Marketing & Advertising. I have always had a passion for working with people, and I love designing and editing various forms of media.  As of now, I am working hard to gain as much experience as possible throughout my college career so I can ensure that I will be a competitive asset in the communications industry. I can’t wait for the experience I will gain while In Los Angeles this summer.

Hello, my name is Alyson Wells and I am from Birmingham, Alabama.  I have been a theatrical performer my entire life and went to the Alabama School of Fine Arts for high school majoring in acting.   I am currently a junior at Elon University receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting and a minor in dance.  Even though I grew up in the theatre, I have always had a strong interest in the film industry.  I recently began acting in films at Elon, and am so excited to further my career in film in television in Los Angeles this summer.  I hope to gain more experience in acting for the camera, learn more about the business and investigate how a talent or casting agency works, runs and operates with the help of my internship.

My name is Sydney Williams, and I’m a junior Broadcast and New Media major from Dallas, Texas. I can’t wait to spend this next summer in Los Angeles and get the opportunity to meet so many new and exciting people. Although I haven’t yet found my internship, I hope to find something in the entertainment television industry. There’s nothing I love more than television, except puppies.

My name is Asha Wilson. Born in Florida and raised in Northern Virginia, I’ve been a film and television lover since I could open my eyes long enough to watch it. I’ve worked on a variety of projects, from writing scripts to acting in skits to directing short films. My heart belongs to the genre of comedy, and I hope to be a television producer and writer in the future. I am currently looking for an internship in television, and know that I’ll learn a lot while out in L.A. I’m really excited to get to know everyone and have fun on the West Coast!


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