Identifying My Place at ID

I bounced out of bed yesterday at 7 am after an anxious nights sleep dreaming of being late and encountering intimidating professionals. 2 hours later I arrived (on time)  ready to define my place at ID-PR.

ID-PR Website.

The  company immediately blew me away. It takes up the entire 8th floor of a building right in the middle of Hollywood boulevard. The views were incredible and the interior design was chic and modern. The people there equally delighted me. My supervisor took my picture at the beginning of the day and mailed out to the whole staff. The enviorment was indeed hectic, but people were quick to welcome me and patiently teach me.

I spent the majority of my day “servicing” media for publicist’s clients. This is a term I had not heard before that refers to the compiling and organizing of references of clients in media.  The clients vary from celebrities to corporations like Starbucks, Nike and Netflix. The publicist’s assistants would give me a pile of magazines with a post-it that indicated what client I was looking for. I would then search through the magazine and either scan the mentions or features on the client or create press kits. It was tedious, but I picked the brain of a publicist to understand the purpose and it is interesting to know this is a cruical task in branding clients.

I also did some work to prepare for this weekends event.

I am excited for my next day at the office and to work this event!


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