My Mom Will Hate This…

But I’m already loving LA and if possible, I would love to live here. (At least for a while!!) Today was the first day I was able to talk to her on the phone since I got here (she goes to sleep early so it proves to be difficult with the time change) and I spent two hours telling her how much I am loving Los Angeles, my internship at Stein Entertainment, and all the awesome things I’ve been doing in Cali.

Even though I was sore for a reaallyy long time, I guess now that I’m not I can appreciate the hike on Saturday. (Yes, that means I forgive you, J!) I must admit the view was beautiful, and it was soo nice to feel the breeze all the way at the top. I’m also enjoying work a lot: I’m learning a lot considering it’s been only two days! And I’m also lucky not to be dealing with the humidity back home (or the scorching heat like the rest of the country!).

I truly am lucky/grateful/excited to be here and enjoy this amazing experience with a big bunch of awesome people.  sdfjhgsdf!!! I’m still geeking out about being here: it’s so surreal!! And it doesnt help when I go to work everyday in a kick-ass convertible with my friend/coworker Jayme. Yeah… my mom will DEFINITELY hate this!!


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