Welcome to the Jungle

Well I flew by myself for the first time to sunny Burbank, CA! First time on the West Coast and I could not be more thrilled. The city is huge and amazing. My kind of place. There are palm trees, no humidity and permanent sunshine. The End. It’s Over. I love it here. We have already toured Grauman’s Chines Theatre which was really awesome seeing the inside and hearing about all the different premieres they have there. There are more coming up over the summer that my roommates and I are trying to go to. Here are some of the current premieres http://www.chinesetheatres.com/recent-premieres.html. The handprints and stars on the sidewalk obviously provided tons of entertainment. My hands are the same size as Morgan Freeman’s so basically life = complete.

I really can’t wait to explore the city even more and see what else L.A. has to offer. Somehow I think 9 weeks won’t be enough!



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