Hiking up the LAdder to the Tree of Wisdom

To start off our first official full day in LA we took a hike up the mountain that stands right next to our apartments.  Some of the Elon alumni living in LA joined us on the hike.  As we ascended, we saw more and more of the surrounding LA communities.  The most rewarding part of any hike is making it to the top and taking in the beautiful natural surroundings.  We of course did this, BUT we also checked out the “Tree of Wisdom” (what many people call the lone tree standing at the top of this mountain).  At the bottom of the tree, there lies many notebooks filled with journal entries from previous hikers.  Some of the entries were very interesting and reflected on the bigger picture of life and how it relates to this hike.  Some of the other entries weren’t as serious such as “If you like attractive blond Irish guys call #this number.”  It was a neat experience being with the class and alumni and reading over what others had to say no matter what it was. Here are some of the photos I took during our hike.


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We also chose to leave an Elon moleskine under the tree with entries by us, so if you ever take the hike you should see if it’s still there!


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