ElijahinLA – Intro

Hello all,

My name is Elijah Clark… and I am thoroughly enjoying Los Angeles.  It is an amazing town with so many opportunities.  I was speaking with my roommate tonight about all the places we pass on the way to our internships.  There is no way to know what is just right down the road.

The apartments are phenomenal.  There is a view here that over looks Burbank in general, but specifically you can see all of Warner Bros. Studios.  Not only are the apartments great, but the actual program is going swimmingly as well.

We had our first class on Monday.  It was about framing a little and also on cameras.  So what did we do?  We drove up to the Hollywood sign and took pictures!  Some of my pictures did not turn out as well as others, so I have only included the ones that I deem worthy of the official blog.  :-Please enjoy.


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