First Week at Work

People generally say that having too high expectations for anything is never a good idea. That way, you’re never disappointed. Well, the idea of coming to Los Angeles and starting an internship working with Disney (essentially the nine-year-old version of my-self’s fantasy) made it extremely hard to not have high expectations. Lucky for me, I was in no way disappointed.

As many others have said, I already feel at home in L.A., despite never having been here before.

The part of Disney I’m working with (Martin Chase Productions) does a lot of Disney Channel Original Movies or movies for the Disney Company. And my internship offices not only has Mickey Mouse ears on every door number (which in and of itself is pretty cool for me), but I’ve learned I’m actually good at script coverage, which is basically reading over scripts and writing a synopsis/notes about it to give to people above me in the company so they don’t have to read the scripts themselves. I’m also quite good at organizing receipts, but that’s more of just a general intern thing and not really relevant right now.

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