Shalom comfort zone, Shalom Los Angeles

Well its official ladies and gentlemen, I am living, working, and playing in the city of Los Angeles. It has been a crazy couple of weeks, but I can guarantee the next two months are going to be irreplaceable. As the spring semester at Elon came to a close, I said my goodbye’s to close friends and prepared for my future travel’s. First I had to prepare for my departure to Israel for a Birthright trip for 10 days. I was off to Israel to experience the country, culture, and people. It was an amazing experience and will remember it for the rest of my life. From there I flew back to Boston, where I was born and raised, to prepare to for Elon in LA. With the time difference and my emotions running wild, I was a bit of a mess. With the help of my mother I was finally able to make way to California. After arriving late to LA on Saturday, I had mix of emotions ranging from excitement to fear. I felt sad leaving my home that provided me with familiarity, friends, and family, to a completely unknown place.

My internship started on Wednesday and was able to enjoy some free time on Tuesday to unpack and get situated. Wednesday was my first day at JusCollege, my internship. I arrived an hour early, but was to anxious waiting and heading in 30 minutes early. The day started off well, meeting the team and getting aquatinted with the facility. The people were great and very friendly. It is interesting working with people who are my age and have accomplished so much so far. As far as JusCollege goes, the company opened a little over a year ago and is described as a college concierge company. It is targeted to businesses as well as college students, creating a hub for college students to get anything they need at a discounted price through the business vendors. Things they offer range from food, tutoring, event planning and transportation. Its a great opportunity for me to watch the company come together and see how the basics of the company piece together.

Second day at JusCollege

The other new and exciting thing that my roommate and I have started is Bikram yoga, also known as hot yoga. It is 4 miles from the Oakwoods and an amazing and challenging workout. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new workout routine and a way to challenge your body. Right now there is a deal, $45 unlimited for the month. Our goal is to go 3/4 times a week. If anyone is interested in coming with us feel free!


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