I Definitely Belong Here…

I am so excited to finally be out here in Los Angeles! It’s only been a week and even though I’m still getting used to everything, I couldn’t feel more at home. I definitely belong here and can tell i’m going to have a hard time leaving. We’ve had a pretty crazy first week but it’s been so exciting getting to know the area and getting to know everyone in the group. Although I definitely complained, I actually enjoyed the hike (once I was done) and am happy to be able to say I climbed it. It’s crazy driving up to our apartments and seeing the little tree at the very top of the mountain and knowing we climbed all the way up there. Can’t say I had ever done a hike like that before. Here’s the attempted picture of the mountain but the tree’s literally so small you can barley (not really at all) see it!

I loved going to Santa Monica yesterday. The beach was amazing, there was so much to do, and so many interesting people. I definitely want to go back there. Victoria, Alyson, and I went to a great sushi place (wish I could remember the name?) and have been trying to find good sushi places around here so if anyone is interested or knows of a place let us know!



I started (one of) my internships Friday morning. I had a meeting with Sophie Keller who I will be working for doing social media for the summer and hopefully throughout the year. She is a TV personnel, writer, and life coach. Check out her website howhappyis.com! Also part of my job is to get her more fans on Facebook and coverage on Twitter so if you think of it, visit her Facebook page and like it! It would be very helpful. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sophie-Keller-How-Happy-Is/202915966395700?ref=ts

I am currently looking for another internship, hopefully one in social media and I have two interviews next week so I’ll keep you posted! Lets hope the weather starts getting better so we can actually enjoy some beach days 🙂


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