Learning Moments.

I’m well aware that part of Elon in LA is supposed to make me grow as a person, be independent, and learn about the entertainment industry.  However, my first learning experience is figuring out how to drive.  I thought I could handle driving in Los Angeles.  Then I arrived here.  I’ve been able to drive around and I feel like I’m growing….into a worse driver.  Because I feel like by the end of the summer I will be changing lanes if it gets sluggish for 5 seconds, not use my turn signals, oh, and just be a crazy speed demon on the freeway.  But until I feel comfortable enough to weave through traffic without a care in the world, I will tense up, stay in one lane and say to myself,  “WE’RE ON THE FREEWAYYYYYYY”  Like many before me, I cannot help but quote Clueless on a daily basis.  Don’t know what I’m referencing? Well go to Blockbuster (they still have some here) and rent it. Or, click here to understand my direct reference


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