A New Potential Passion

Los Angeles has been an exhilirating experience thus far with more opportunities being presented than I know what to do with. Being an actor, I am enamored with the wealth of knowledge that has surrounded me with the likes of Marilyn McIntyre, Howard Fine, and Ted Brunetti leading some of the most interesting classes and discussions I’ve had the pleasure of attending and being involved in.

However, the person who has aroused the most excitement for me is Nizar Wattad, who led our first screenwriting workshop last night. Acting is so much fun because I can create wild characters and become a completely different person. But I have had different ideas formulating inside my head for some time now, and I haven’t known how to put them into words. Just the first workshop sparked an intense interest as I finally learned the actual breakdown of a good movie script. Nizar is a well-informed writer and I can’t wait for him to share his insights in the screenwriting world. At last, a new passion seems to have sparked within me, and I feel like I am going to discover a way to get my stories out of my head and down onto paper.


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