LAnd of extremes.

With two and a half weeks under the belt I’m still overwhelmed by the fact that this city seems to be a land of polar extremes. While we can have startling blue skies with sapping heat one day, we can be learning how to use the windshield wipers on our rentals the next morning. And while the horizon is normally associated with sunset, you’d be hard pressed to see such a thing on the boulevard of the same name when commuting to and from the city during rush hour. Some of the students internships have them working like animals in button ups and slacks, while others are greeted with dog bowls at the door and questionable looks that suggest you missed the memo on Flannel Thursdays. And after comparing our first Wednesday movie night at the Arclight Cinerama, a state of the art theater complex where having your phone vibrate can get you swiftly removed from your seat, to last night’s “Super 8” viewing at the Vista theater, where there was such a vintage atmosphere that we were greeted with refreshment advertisements that I’d estimate were crafted in the 50’s if it weren’t for the use of color, it’s clear that there’s something for everyone’s taste. There’s a lot of freedom in this city. And this early into the program, such freedom gives off the feeling that every opportunity in this town becomes what you make of it.


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