How to Meet Celebrities

How to meet a celebrity in LA

All of us students are hoping to catch a glimpse Tom Hanks or Jessica Biel.  Well here is a list of simple tips to help us meet the A-listers of Los Angeles.  And I’m not talking about shaking hands with the little fart from Super 8 in the hot tub, or some fat character actor from a mediocre Judd Apatow comedy.

Tip 1: Become a Celebrity – You know, staring in a film or directing a movie featuring Matt Damon is probably gives you a good chance to meet him.

Tip 2: Go Get ‘em – Go where all the celebrities go.  Go to their restaurants, their clubs, movie premieres and general hang out spots. For example, according to Ian, Emma Stone hangs out at Mel’s Diner on Highland Avenue; Runyan Canyon near Beverly Hills is also a good place to look for Celebs.

Tip 3:  Try Google:  type in “Where is Rachel McAdams right now?” It’s worth a shot.  

Tip 4: Hollywood Walk of Fame – I met Catwoman.  

Tip 5: Live at the Oakwood Temporary Housing Complex       


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