People Watching at it’s Best

Los Angeles is home to a wide variety of people. I was worried when I first arrived in LA that I would stick out, since it is my first time on the west coast. I assumed that every one would be able to tell I had never been here before and people would not accept me. However, in my two weeks here I have come to notice that this is one of the most accepting places I have ever been. No two people are alike, and you are encouraged to be your own person and express your individuality.Venice Beach is a great example of how many different types of people there are in this city. There is a place for everyone and each person seems to fit in in their own unique way. Walking down the boardwalk I was shocked by some of the people I passed, however, no one else seemed to notice. This is one of the things I love about LA, you are embraced for who you are and given the opportunity to express yourself in whatever way you choose and be respected for that.

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