Today I missed out on a chance of a lifetime, being a hand model.

Today at work my company was creating an ad and they needed a female’s hand to appear in it. The one requirement, the fingernails needed to be polished. The one problem, I can’t keep polish on my nails for more than three days. A coworker explained the ad to me, and when they asked if my nails were polished, I sunk down in my seat, ashamed, and looked down at my chipped nails. My hands clearly were not adequate enough to appear in the ad. This could have been a chance for me to get my foot, or hand for that matter, in the door of becoming one of the finest hand models in LA.

From now on I will have nail polish on my nails 24/7 incase an opportunity like this arises again.


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  1. Yes, polish those nails—-you never know what is waiting around the corner — and while you are waiting — your hands will look professional!

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