A City Asleep

An early riser, I took it upon myself to explore a rare insight of the city of Angels at the hour of 5 o’clock in the morning. It was an unreal experience seeing a city so lively and populated during the day start to wake up. It was like being around a hard drive waiting to reboot. Hollywood Boulevard doesn’t look anywhere near as intimidating when there’s scarcely an awaken eye to be seen. If there was one complaint I had to have about LA, it would be the constant crowds and masses overwhelming the streets and sidewalks. It was refreshing to enjoy the quiet of the morning, and to watch the shop owners get their stores set up. I enjoyed my first coffee of the day watching the sunrise over Melrose Avenue. From a city at peace, the rat race sprinted into action in under an hour. Lights, camera, and begin.

After a brief recovery, a few of us made the trek to Zuma beach out in Malibu. It’s a bit of a long drive, but the scenic views of the mountains passing is worth every minute. It’s crazy that outside of this bustling city is some of the most captivating landscapes I’ve ever seen. This city has so many faces.


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