that awkward moment when you’re stuck in traffic and you catch the eyes of the person in front of you through their rear view mirror:

Nothing in this city makes me more aggravated than TRAFFIC.

Driving to and from Santa Monica most days of the week is always an entertaining if somewhat harrowing adventure.  As such, I’ve decided to come up with a list of things to keep in mind while driving in the area.  This is part one:

  1. The lanes might not be as small as you think, but do be careful not to hit parked cars
  2. You will encounter a cyclist, and you might come close to hitting them – be careful
  3. People will cut you off
  4. People will not pay attention to you until the very last possible moment (and as a result might come close to hitting you)
  5. People will park horribly – and so will you
  6. You will get a parking ticket if you do not pay close attention to the signs on the street

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