Paul Feig: Plank of the Year

Courtesy and "What's Trending"

I had the exciting opportunity to attend a taping of the web show, “What’s Trending,” thanks to my newfoud friend, Raj Rawal. It is a new show (only six episodes in) but has already gained rapid success and popularity, largely due to Lupe Fiasco’s calling Obama a terrorist on the show. Getting Lupe alone was a big deal but his criticism of the president on the show made big news across the country. This past Tuesday, the three guests were  Heroes actor Greg Grunberg, internet sensation Justine Ezarik (iJustine), and Bridesmaids director and Freaks and Geeks co-creator Paul Feig, as well as a web-chat with Avatar and Titanicproducer Jon Landau. It was a fantastic show with great conversations involving 3d vs 2d and music festivals around the country. The most interesting interview had to be Paul Feig as he is a wild character who has a keen eye for for uproarious comedy. The best part of the interview was the very end when he asked the host, Shira Lazar, if he could do one last thing: if he could plank. Planking is the art of lying face down on something while staying completely straight and rigid. And he did it perfectly as Shira ended the show. And I proceeded to laugh til laughing wasn’t cool anymore.

Paul's suit is fly. Kinda like a G6

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