One Day at the Getty

As the daughter of a woman who possesses a Master’s Degree in Art History, I am expected to be appreciative of the fine arts. I’m expected to know my baroque from my impressionism and a Monet from a Manet. I’m expected to appreciate both naked people and heavy religious undertones in paintings. And, on occasion, I’m expected to go to an Art Museum.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Art. I love museums. I love Art Museums. But often times, it is at the suggestion of others that I attend one of these sacred institutes of art instead of, perhaps, a beach or a food mecca or a place of lively energy where they never tell me to put away my camera. However, this time, for once, it was my suggestion that led Chris Floyd, Chris Hodum, and Kierstin and I to the Getty Center this past Sunday afternoon. We planned to spend the whole afternoon there, and were surprised at it’s immensity when we actually arrived. The Getty is no place for a quick stop. It is an all day adventure. With sprawling lawns, amazing views, and plethoras of interesting collections and exhibits to peruse, the Getty literally has something for everyone. I was particularly drawn to the photography exhibits on Cuba and Trees, but even the impressionism and furniture of the French Royalty was eye catching. I can’t wait to go back, and perhaps bring a picnic. Here are a few of the outdoor shots we took while we were at the Getty.


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