Still Loving Los Angeles

I am still loving living in Los Angeles. The more comfortable I have become getting around and getting into a routine with my internships, I know I am going to have a hard time leaving. I finally got another internship at Beverly Agency, Inc. They handle a variety of talent from theatre, television, music, and basically any other category you can think of. I am currently doing social media and campaigning for both old clients and new clients. It is a small office with only a few workers and I am the only intern on the days I work, which is really nice. I am gaining a lot of experience here so far. I am currently working with Elle Febbo. She is a best selling author of children books as well as a writing coach and is very involved in charity work. She has an amazing life story and you all should definitely check out her website at .


Last weekend I drove around and explored the Beverly Hills area, mostly to look at all the ridiculous mansions. I highly suggest you all do that at some point, they’re amazing. While driving around, I came to Greystone Park. As you can see from the picture below, it is a beautiful park to walk around. Check out the website for more pictures, directions, and any other information. I definitely suggest you guys check that out. .


Hope everyone’s  loving everything about Los Angeles like I am! Enjoy.

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