Taxi Driver

I’m not a good driver. However, my internship doesn’t realize this, and for the past three days I’ve become a glorified chauffer for the rising ukulele Malaysian artist, Zee Avi, and her band. It’s been a surreal experience driving around this bubbling hilarious trio of musicians. The first day I had to drive them to a video shoot up in the Hollywood hills. It was a hot day and I made an executive decision and surprised the band with cold water and popsicles. At one point, we were stuck at the bottom of a mountain waiting for their video director to lead us to our location, the radio was playing the hit: “Pumped up Kicks” and unlike us normal people with no interesting talents, Zee and her friends pulled out their instruments and decided to cover the song with an acoustic set on the side of the road. By the end of the three days I was on friendly terms with the band, spending most of our drives with laughter and discussions on Bob Dylan. I’ll be buying their new album, sounds incredible. And I only came close to ending the band’s young career with a car collision once.


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