100 Saints You Should Know

Last night the actors all went to go see the play 100 Saints You Should Know. Was it mandatory? Yes. But was it boring and not worth seeing? No. Written by Kate Fodor and directed by Lindsay Allbaugh, it’s a story about five people’s struggle with their faith, and ultimately, with themselves. Father Matthew, priest at a local church, was caught with nude photos of men and was asked to take time off to contemplate his sins. Alone with nowhere to turn, he seeks shelter and escape at his mother’s house, but she notices that he has lost his faith and has a hard time loving him when he cannot even love God. Theresa, who cleans the rectory of the church, has allowed herself to make a lot of mistakes in her life, and begins to question if God is the answer to her problems. Her daughter, Abby, is a rebellious teen who’s cynical about the nature of the world. It takes the accidental death of her new friend Garrett, a local boy who approached Matthew about his homosexual curiosities, for her to desire a change within herself. That’s a brief description, but if you want to know more about it, just ask us!

I thought it was a really well-written play, and the development, raw display of relationships and the suppression of emotions was very realistic. No matter how unlikable a character may have seemed, by the end of the play you were rooting for them because you felt empathy and a connection to them in some way. Good times.


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