My first celebrity encounter: Brendan Gleeson

Yesterday evening, I visited the LA Film Fest to see a movie called ‘The Guard’ with Brendan Gleeson (best known in the States as “Mad Eye” Moody in the Harry Potter movies). After the screening, I discovered that not only was writer-director John Michael McDonagh present, but so was Mr. Gleeson. I approached him and thanked him for taking time to speak with everyone.

As I’d hoped, Mr. Gleeson was a perfect gentleman. When I mentioned that his film ‘In Bruges’ inspired me to visit the famed Belgian city, and climb its world-known bell tower, he jokingly said “lot of steps, isn’t it?” He was even nice enough to ask where I was from, and briefly discuss my career aspirations as an editor. He believes editing is a noble profession, and that it’s the most complicated part of filmmaking (based on his experiences observing editors at work). I ended our conversation by wishing Mr. Gleeson luck with finding finance for his next project, ‘Calvary’.

It was a wonderful experience to have a conversation with this incredibly talented actor. I might have babbled a bit, but I think I was generally professional enough to have made a good impression on Mr. Gleeson (I hope). He was kind enough to speak not only with me, but at least half the screening’s audience; he seems like a very friendly, down-to-earth person.

If you’re interested in ‘The Guard’ (released on July 29), here’s a trailer:


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