Acting without the Camera

Los Angeles is known as the place to be for television and film. However, when it  comes to stage theatre, that is generally reserved for New York City and Broadway. Because of this, I made the assumption that theater here would not be amazing. I was proved wrong by the performance of “100 Saints You Should Know” at the Elephant Theatre. This small area was completely filled before the show. I was suspecting a boring play about the history of religion, and was pleasantly surprised with a comedic take on the concept of religion and each character struggling with their own issues with accepting God. While the majority of the cast had previously held small roles in popular films, I had never heard of any of them before. I was so impressed with their talent and how they portrayed the story so well on such a small stage. I can happily say my first theater experience in LA was extremely positive, and I can’t wait to attend another show.

The elephant theatre is a very small but impressive theatre. I definitely suggest everyone go!


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