I Don’t Care If Jayme Beat Me To It…

I’m still pretty excited about all the celebrities I’ve seen so far in Los Angeles. And like she said, it’s been at really random times and when I least expect it.

We had lunch a week ago at Pinches Tacos on Sunset, and yes, we saw a mob of people in front of Chateau Marmont. And then 10 minutes after, Bono casually walked out, said hello, and signed autographs. No big deal. And here are the pictures.

On Saturday, while trying to find a parking spot to go to Isla, a really nice Mexican restaurant on Sunset, Kathryn and I drove by Chris Hemsworth hailing a cab.

And then a few days after, Jeff Goldblum casually drove to the Starbucks next to our office for coffee. And, like my boss said, Jeff Goldblum has a very unique look and that Starbucks is frequented by many celebrities anyway.

So yeah, basically you just need to do your own thing and when you least expect it, you’ll run into someone famous.

And yes, Jayme did beat me to it. But I wanted to put the pictures up for the whole world to see. Sue me.

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