Hello Blogreaders!

All is well.  I am really enjoying the people in the program here, not to mention those whom I have met in LA.  I have made contacts at my internship that hopefully will last beyond school and into the professional future.  One is named David, and he is a musician.  The other… actually, they are both named David.  But the latter is a producer.

At any rate, the latest project we did in the class was called “Three, Five, Seven.”  Basically, you take Three pictures to tell a story, and then you add to it with two more pictures for the Five.  Then you add two more pictures for the Seven story.  I enjoyed the project, working with Alyson Wells and Kyle Cassaday.  I posted the Seven story below, so check it out!  (The first photo is the one with Alyson picking the apple.)


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