Zombie Prom

One of the things I really like about my job, is that even though most of the films we produce are of the same genre (think films on Disney Channel and ABC Family), the directors we often get can be fairly different in terms of the past films they’ve done.

Vince Marcello is directing one of our upcoming films, and I got the chance to watch one of his past short films, Zombie Prom, which I didn’t expect a lot from, and I ended up loving it. It’s only about 30 minutes long, and it’s a musical comedy set in the 1950s and features, you guessed it, a zombie. And a prom. Naturally.

I’ve posted the trailer below, and I think the film is on YouTube if you’re interested. The whole film itself is meant to be campy and silly, which makes it funnier (in my opinion, anyway).


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