Acting in a Taxi Cab

The past 3 weeks in LA have been amazing. I have seen things I never thought I would, went places I’ve never been, and I have certainly learned a lot. I am a big advocate on the simple things in life, so I have found a lot of joy in mundane activities, like taxi rides.

Last Friday night a group of us were waiting for cabs for a night out on the town. The first cab pulled up to the Oakwood Apartments and Sydney, Cam, and I, entered the cab to head to our destination. After a short informal introduction we politely asked our cab driver to turn on some music for our riding pleasure. For some reason he neglected our wishes after we asked a few times so we had to look to our creativity to entertain us for the next 20 minutes. One thing lead to the other, and the next thing I knew Sydney was . Cam took on the role of “Kathy’s” manager, Leon Julius. In a panic the only character I could think of was the role of the supportive best friend. I was to Sydney what Lily was to Hannah Montanna. During the cab ride there was conversation of “Kathy’s” role in the House Bunny, her recent issue with acid reflex, as well as her dramatic tendencies. She was warned she was on the path to becoming the next Lindsay Lohan. There was laughter during the ride, and there were tears. We did not break character once.

When we finally pulled up to our destination, we were unaware if our driver bought our act. We paid and got out of the cab, and as we were walking away the driver summoned Cam, aka Leon Julius, and said “You got quite the drama queen on your hands.” After that comment we knew that from now on we were a force to be reckoned with when it comes to taxi cab rides, and that we were damn good actors.

"Leon Julius", "Kathy", "Supportive Friend"


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