A Run In The Park

Today I had the day off from my internship so I decided to explore Griffith Park and try to find some running trails. After driving around for twenty minutes, I finally located a merry-go-round. The inner child in me wanted to ride it but I had my mission and trudged on. 

Unfortunately the only trails were up the hills and my body is not up for sprinting up forty five degrees. Due to a crippling fear of being attacked by a mountain lion I was not hiking these trails alone either. So instead I found the remains of the old Los Angeles Zoo and ran around there. It’s kinda cool but kinda creepy at the same time and I kept expecting a wild animal to jump out at me.

So after my semi-failed attempt at finding a good running trail in the park I went to see Griffith Observatory. After getting lost (again), I drove my way up the hills to join many other tourists in looking at some of the most beautiful views of the city. Next time I’m bringing a camera other than my Blackberry.

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